Becoming Steve Jobs

Becoming Steve Jobs

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Yembe Nfor, Tue 27th, Feb 2018, 12:46

Steve Jobs is arguably one of the most inspiring entrepreneurial story of the 21st century... from his parents' garage, he started what grew to become one of the biggest worldwide companies of his time. He transformed the mobile telephone market with his line of "i" products and popularised the concepts of "thinking different" and "building products for people".

Steve once said, "build products that are so good and make people's lives so easy that they wonder how they used to survive without them." But that's not all one can learn from this visionary.

Embrace Innovation: Now let's always remember that you can only be a leader in your area of expertise if you innovate or come out with something new. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you should therefore put on your thinking cap and remember to always embrace innovation... The question you should ask yourself is this: "Why should someone leave my competitor and come buy from me?"

Don't rule out a Comeback: Looking at the example of our friend Steve, 10 years after he'd built Apple Inc. he was kicked out of this same Apple Inc. Now he asked himself the question, "How can you get fired from a company you built?" But it does happen Steve... lol!

He didn't relent his effort because he still loved what he did. He went ahead to start 2 different companies - Pixar and NeXT which would later both become very successful and lead to his reentry into Apple.

"The strength of a man is not measured when he's standing, but how well he gets up from a fall. If you love what you do, believe in it and it will all turn out fine."

"Trust in your gut and intuition, for they somehow already know what you want."

Pay Attention to Aesthetics: Steve always had a way to put some beauty in his products, Exhibit A will be the sleek and tender feel of the I-products i.e Iphone, Ipod, Ipad, etc.

Remember to include that aspect of "Feng Shue" in your products. In one of the epic rap battles (Jobs Vs Gates) - trust me you want to google that - one of the actors raps... "♪Steve makes products a man uses to listen to the BeachBoys while a relaxes."

Swim in your lane: Discover your own lane and swim in it... there's no need trying to diversify into many different fields which you might not even understand. Steve discovered his lane was tech and he swam in that lane. What is your own lane??? Are you a hairdresser? are you are Baker? a Chef, engineer, painter? discover your own lane and swim in it.

Do what you love: The only way to great work is to do what you love. If you haven't found it yet, keep searching and don't settle, for as with matters of the heart, you will know when you find it.

Be professional: Don't try to change who you are, but present your true self in the best way possible. Jessie J also says it in her song "Who you are", she says;
    "♪ Don't lose who you are, in the blur of the stars...
    Seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing, Its okay not be okay,
    Sometimes its hard, to follow your heart, Tears don't mean you're losing
    Everybody's broken, just be true to who you are."

Connect with your market: Always find ways to connect wit your market. This became even more evident as the popularity of Design Driven Entrepreneurship and Design Thinkiing grows...