It doesn't matter how long

It doesn't matter how long

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Yembe Nfor, Tue 27th, Feb 2018, 13:05

Couple years ago, I was driving (a little recklessly) about 90km/hr rushing to Bambili, a neighbouring town to Bamenda where I live, when suddenly another car overtook me and disappeared out of the road in front of me... That guy must have been doing at least 120...

Thinking about it at home later that day, brought back memories of the knowledge of "Top achievers" I'd come across some time back. It goes like this:

A snail takes 37hours to cover a 400m distance which a Formula1 (F1) car would cover in 9Seconds.

the IMPORTANT thing to note here is that regardless of the differences in time taken, they both get to their destinations without breaking a sweat.

Whether you are moving in life like a snail, or an F1 car, the most important thing is to be steadfast on your path and concentrate on getting to your goal (Whatever it may be).

The snail will take 37hours to get to the goal, which is good, but I honestly don't want to grow old before I make it biggest in life.

Alternatively, the F1 car will take 9 seconds, and within that nine seconds the least mistake it does might cost its life instantly.

Its left for u to decide... Do u want to be a snail, or an F1 car???

Harness the Power of Belief and become whoever you want to become in this life... because you can only become as great as you believe you can be.


On another unrelated, unimportant note, if that guy didnt slow down, I seriously pray he got home safe.

One word "Patience"