Three Core Assets of an Organization

Three Core Assets of an Organization

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Yembe Nfor, Tue 27th, Feb 2018, 12:21

In order to survive in the ever changing, ever competitive Economic environment, Organization (Companies, NGOs, Parastatals, etc.) need to effectively manage and protect the three core assests of its existence and functioning...

The three Core Assets of an Organization include

1. Personel

The personel of an organization represents how well that organization can fulfill its mission.

Personel who are abreast with and comfortable with the objectives and operations of an organization will input trememdous efforts towards success and will assure excellent production. That is ofcourse if they are well managed.

On the other hand, Personel who have not fully embraced the spirit and nature of the organization's operations will deliver a less than desired result.

2. Finance

It becomes almost impossible for an organization to operate without finances nowadays. Finances gaurantee the acquisition of resources and protection from bankruptcy.

3. Reputation

The last core asset of an organization is its Reputation without a good reputation, it becomes difficult, if not impossible to keep your current market, or to acquire new market.