And then I look at You

And then I look at You

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First, I thought I could just wish this crush away
I could gain all the time I lost thinking about your smile 
that I'll wake up one morning and you'd just gone away
not really away, but you know, you just got the fuck off my mind
I really do try, I try to not think of you when I wake
Then I look at you... and there I am, wondering why i even tried. 

Second, I kissed you and wished that day would never end 
neither would the next, not the next with you in my arms
I was sure there was nothing sweeter my ears could hear
surely not as sweet as your voice or the feel of your hands
You were mine, you were my very gorgeous ten 
and I looked at you... and knew I had all that I could want.

Third, i woke up and couldn't watch you wake up beside me
neither could I sit there and think, my God how does she look so hot
I was so sure, it's you I want to spend the rest of my life with
We'd make beautiful babies and embarrasing them will be our fun
Today I wake up and think to myself, just stop thinking about it
and then I look at you... well... and then, I just look at you.

written 4th, May 2018