If I stopped Dreaming

If I stopped Dreaming

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If we were in a fantasy... would you hear my thoughts?
Would you look at me... and see the excitement that lies beyond my faint smile?
Would you know what I'm thinking... would you feel what I'm feeling?
If I whispered these words... would you hear every single one of them?

If we we were in a movie... would you let me be your Hero?
Would you run to me... when the dark skies start falling down? 
Would you embrace me... would you let me take your fear?
If I kissed your lips gently... would you let me take your pain?

If we were in heaven... would you share your joy with me?
Would you sing with me... and dance along to my every failing step?
Would you smile for me... would you play and lay in the fields with me? 
If I sang the notes... would you let them the wrap themselves around you?

If I stopped dreaming... would you be there as I open my eyes? 
would you let me see the beauty in you, that too long, you've hidden?
Would you tell me the words... that too long have gone unspoken?
If I laid out my heart... would our reality finally be sweeter than my dreams?

written 23rd, Jan 2019

Asking for a Friend... hehehehe