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Here's the thing about what you know me to be
I was not meant to be read and deciphered, not me
For just as clear as you think that you can see
Is just as wrong and mistaken you just may be

I may be heartless, confusing or just longing to be known
A whole new chapter of a book or a tale yet to be told
You can't know for sure what I'm thinking, what I've stowed
I most certainly am not that person you think that you know

The things that I hide beneath my smirks and my smiles
How I wish you could see, they're the truths that I hide
The things that I'm brave enough to say, they're not lies
Even when they may be veiled by the jokes in my lines.

Yes, an open book, a simple few lines I may seem
In truth, even simpler, just a sentence defines me
so No, I certainly am not what you think me to be
I am only a few questions, a few answers, waiting to be spilled.

written 7th, Oct 2018