The Hardest Part is Leaving You

The Hardest Part is Leaving You

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You know that feeling when you're just happy
and you can't even tell why, because it doesn't matter?
You know when you smile like you have it all
and you fell like this day couldn't get any better?
well... that's the feeling I get when I see you
and I think... my God! nothing could feel any sweeter...

You know that feeling you get from the little things,
like the smile of a baby or the brush of a cool breeze...
that kinda feeling that takes control of every piece of you,
so much that you can hardly speak or feel anything at least...
they don't even come close to how I feel when I see you
and I think... my God! could I be any more pleased...


You know that feeling... that crazy amazing feeling you get,
from the gentle touch of he tender stroke of her gorgeous hair...
that silly, annoyingly geniune smile that creeps to your face,
from the soothing sound as your beautiful voice appears...
but the hardest part is leaving you, watching you walk away,
for all I'll have are my secret words and wishes till I see you again

written 19th, Mar 2018