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My Poems

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Photo by Claudia Soraya on Unsplash

Photo by Claudia Soraya on Unsplash

Can you hear me?

My heart hurts as I try to think about not thinking about you
there's a searing pain in my chest one that I cannot explain
Because as hard as I try, I can't shake the hurt that I feel
Because you're not here with me.

It's been 3 hours yet, maybe more, maybe less
I don't know, I can't tell when I lost track of time
all I know for sure is the anxiety and the pounding in my chest
that feels like it's been running for all my life now.

uuurrrggh!!! even the usual deep breaths don't seem to help this time
not even the loud clicks of my keyboard as I violently type this shit out
nor the fact that I'm saying these words out loud
as if you can hear me...

But you can't... can you? Can you hear the pain hidden in my voice?
Can you see the despair that lies behind my eyes?
Are you even real..? Are you stopping by anytime soon?
Or will you forever be just this faceless figment of my imagination?

This Imagination want really kill me

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

I want the World for you

I just want you to... no, I just really need you to be happy.
To wake up and see the sunrise in the horizon with a gentle breeze on ur face.
To hear the birds chirp and sing or watch the waves gently hit the shore
wrapped in the arms of, or holding the one you love more than anything in the world.
I just want the world for you.

I want you to dance to your favourite song in the rain
...and dry off in a warm embrace as you laugh at how silly that may have been
and not care, because you know, deep down, you are truly, inexplicably happy
I want you to smile every time you close your eyes and laugh when you open them
because you have the whole world with you.

I want to be able to watch you burst into those craziest cackles
The ones you get when you lose control and can't give 2 fucks about what anyone thinks
those I hope only I get to see or hear coz she only shows up for me
I want you to feel everything your skin needs to feel... the touch, the kiss the warmth
I just want the world for you.

"To want the world for someone." This poem in inspired from that line from Sam Smith & Ed Sheeran's "who we love". A very simple but powerful phrase. Wanting the world for someone... even if that world is not with you.

Break my Heart

Break my heart, break my heart into a thousand pieces.

Please, just don't you dare leave me 

Do you what you want, say what you think that you need to.

Just please don't you dare leave me 


Punch me if you must, Punch and kick and pinch everything on me 

Just please don't tell me you don't need me 

Scold and snare, even hit me, Do what you need to get over it 

Please, please, don't leave me


Break my heart, take my soul if you need to.

Bikeaux, just don't walk out that door.

Stab where you can, twist and turn if it pleases you 

Just please, please, don't you dare leave me

Here with Me

I don't want to call my friends,

They might wake me from this dream 

I just want to lay here on my side 

and watch you do what you do best, Look so beautiful


I don't want to go outside, 

I may just be stepping out of this dream

I just want to kiss your lips 

and rest my head on your gentle bosom


I don't want to say a word, 

They may give meaning to what I'm feeling right now

I just want to melt in the peace

and this joy that your voice and smile inspire.


I don't want to sleep, I don't want to think

I don't want to laugh, I don't want to stand 

I can't think, I don't ever want to breathe 

If you're not lying here with me

Well just like the first 2 lines... this was inspired by Dido's Here with me

I caught a glimpse of you

So I caught a glimpse of you today,

until now, I didn't know it was possible

to smile through every part of my skin.

But that's how I feel right now


It wasn't even your face I saw, 

until now, I didn't realize how clearly

it's stamped upon my heart.

But you're all I can see tonight 


I couldn't even get to hear your voice.

until now, no wait, I never forget that crazy cackle, lol

I think about it, a lot.

But it's all I can hear right now


So I caught a glimpse of you tonight.

until now, I didn't know it was possible,

to still miss you even more with time.


But you're all I can think of tonight

It'd been too long since I'd seen her... then I caught a glimpse of her today... 

To give myself Completely

I woke up today with a smile on my face 

The type that could only be brought about by you 

I woke up feeling strong enough to brave every storm

That the world is my oyster because I am loved by you

That you are my world.


I've seen your face in every single one of my dreams 

I've called your name in every one of my prayers 

I've laid beside you in every one of my hopes

I've held your hand in every plan that I have made

I have prayed for YOU


I spent my first hours of today just staring at you

and when I stopped, I spent the next thinking about you

Wondering what I did to be so blessed with your love

Telling myself that I'll forever be by your side


So, take my heart, take all that I am

I bare my soul for you only

I give myself to you completely, for as long as you will have me

I woke up today with a smile on my face

The type that I pray will never leave me.

Today's Darling T's wedding day... and all she asked as gift from me is a Poem.

So I decided to write this poem I've been putting off for so long...

One day she will be there

One day she will stop being a distant pleasure

the kind that you only get to feel when you close your eyes at night

Or when you're lost in thoughts as the day cruelly passes you by 

one day she'll actually look into your eyes and smile back at you


One day you'll be sat at your window looking at the glistening stars 

and not wondering if she's thinking about you too, because this time

She'll be sat right there with you, Her hair smelling like a waterfall

her head resting on your chest as you gaze into the night sky together


One day those butterflies will feel like they're choking you

coz you won't be able to snap out of that fantasy

You will stand there and say "My God! you're beautiful" 

Only this time, it won't just be in your mind day she will be there

Inspired by Atabe's #be_the_custodian_of_your_thoughts #love #soulsearching #pictureoftheday #thechroniclesoftex #happyweekend

A Poem for YOU

I thought about writing a poem for you... 

but then would you even read it?

do you even see the odes and the cries

that I scribe on the daily on my wall

like it's just a simple meaningless lyric...

Pretending it's not my heart I'm baring for the world to see 


I thought about writing a song for you 

but like every other time it'd probably just go to waste

it'd probably just sit there in your inbox 

yearning to be read... yearning to be heard

those light blue ticks constantly reminding me

You're not good enough


Fuck it! I'm going to write a poem for you

but this time, I won't share it with you... 

or maybe I will... 

Maybe this time around you'll smile if you read it

this time I won't hold back about how I feel

and even those blue ticks won't make me regret it


I thought about writing a poem for you 

So you can see the things I so badly need to say 

How I'd rather spend a second loving you 

than spend a lifetime without the chance to have you by my side 

How I think about you every second of every day 

and how you're everything I think I'll ever need.

I just wanted to tell you that I miss you

I just wanted to tell you that I miss you 
that I think about you all the time
that I remember every single time we laughed 
and I remember every time I made you smile

I just wanted to ask, how are you?
I was wondering if you ever think about me 
I was thinking maybe I could call you sometime?
would you like that or would rather stay far? 

I just wanted to know if you're happy 
Are you having the time of your life?
Do I not hear from you because you're just busy
or are you also sitting in pain wishing I'd write?

I just wanted to tell you that I'm right where you left me
Not a day goes by that I don't think of you 
the hoarse in your voice whenever you're excited 
and the way I feel when I'm beside you.

I just wanted to tell you that I miss you.

uhhh... I'm not even sure

A Love Letter to you

to you,
who makes a consistent effort 
to be a part of my life
who tells me you love me 
in all the little ways there are to show
who asks how I'm doing, 
and every now & then drops a hey or a hi
to you who is there
even at times when you don't have to

to you,
who listens to me 
every time that I need to rant
who wipes my tears
even when they're naked to the eyes
who loves my deeply flawed person 
more than I want, I need, more than I deserve
to you who cares 
there's nothing more special than you are.

to you, 
I don't say it half as much as I think it
I LOVE YOU and wish you all that you want in life.

a Glimpse of you

To see a glimpse of you... 
Would make this day complete

To Hear a word from you
Would make my heart skip a beat

To feel the touch of your lips
There's nothing I wouldn't give 

To spend my life with you
Is all I think I will ever need

I just smelled you

I just smelled you,
I just got the smell that you wore every time we went out

I just felt you,
I just felt like you're standing right there, outside my door 

I just touched you,
Not really, but I swear it felt the same as I closed my eyes


I just miss you,
...I think I'm going crazy, wishing you were here by my side 

there I was, just sitting there... and there it was... the smell of her perfume...


Wish You Were Here

If I told you everytime I missed you,
I'd get the chance to tell you nothing else.
If I told u everytime I think about you,
I'd blow up your phone with silly SMS
If I told you everytime I need to see you,
I'd write a song that starts and never ends
If I told you how much I really care about you
I'd fill this thread every single chance I get...

If I wrote every word that I need to,
I'd write ten books... and just for a start
Ten more to say how much I miss you
...and Ten to say I wish u were here
A few odes and songs to say you're beautiful
...a few rhymes just to share my heart
If I dared to write all about you...
I'd use up all the words there are...

Every night I stare through my window
I wonder, I wish you are doing that too...
Coz I can feel, I can hear, I can smell you
In the cold soothing breeze on my face
Then I sing every note that I know for you
...and pray the winds blow them right into your ear
Tell you how much I'm thinking about you
...and Tell you that I wish you were here

So I'm sitting here waiting on my bus and thought I shld add a few stanzas to this lil piece I wrote for someone...



It's Right There

The Times have been weary, 
The times have been hard 
and as we look into the future,
they don't even seem past
Yet, with tears in our eyes
and hope in our Hearts 
We'll toil till it's morning
with our hands on the plough

Battered and badly Bruised
The hours may be daft
and everywhere arond us
may seem deserted and vast
Yet, with passion and drive,
for what lies in our path 
We'll fight and we'll push
Like the stoics that we are

Our Star has grown dim,
Our light has run far
the strength we were built on 
seems lost in its tracks
But, with grit and with wit 
with that thing that makes us us
That future we dreamed of...
It's right there in our grasp

I wrote this for everyone going through any form of sh****t in their lives. Those of us in Conflict Regions, those fighting rejection, disappointment, etc... 

I hope you get to say this ever day and remind yourself that that...
That future we dreamed of... It's right there in our grasp

Those First Three Words

I want you to know something 
But I don't know how to tell it,
So I think I'll just hold unto it briefly
and let those first three words explain it

I want you to know I give up 
But I don't know how to say it,
So I think I'll just bottle all of it in me 
and let those first three words explain it

I miss you and think of you always
But I'm too afraid, too shy to say it,
So I'll just close my eyes and think about you
and let those first three words say it

I want you to know you're my everything 
But I don't know how to tell it,
For now, I'll just ask how u doing?
and let those first three words explain it


Then she leaned towards me, 
and the whole world came to a stop
Her eyes glistened, 
as so deeply, they looked in mine
I held my breath, 
No! my heart and breath came to a stop
As she gently slid over me, 
with a look I can never forget

Her lips were soft and brittle, 
as they brushed on me so gently
At least I think they were, 
as my breath was still not with me
I swallowed the knot in my neck, 
as her hands brushed up my shirt...
It was hard to believe that it was here, 
this moment I'd wished for all this long...


I fought to catch my breath, 
for I'd lost control of me 
She looked at me and smiled, 
Oh God!!! Please take me now
I tried to smile right back, 
as I rose my head towards her face
But the beauty in her eyes, 
had now arrested all of me

woke up this morning around 4am with a terrible case of the "runs" and while sitting right there on the "iron throne"... a thought crossed my mind... and like clockwork... and with my phone in my hand (coz u supposed to have it with you... duh!)... I whipped up Google Keep and started writing.  

Few Minutes after... stunned

Another Minute Pass

A moment's break from your gaze, 
is an eternity past
A simple step you take away, 
is a searing pain that starts
A tear or frown upon your face, 
cuts like a dagger sharp and fast I'd rather die with you, 
than see another minute pass...

A life without you here with me, 
that's a thought that shall not last 
to live and breathe when you're not with me, 
neither the gods can that allow
your face, your gaze, oh! how they leave me, 
there's no life if that I lack
...that's why I'll quickly stab my heart, 
than watch another minute pass... 

look at your face, you drift away, 
this is a fate I can't survive
to think your smile, I won't see again, 
to think that one, so beautiful, was the last
This moment's break from your sweet embrace, 
shows me more, I dare not have
...thus with a kiss, I'll take my life, 
than see another minute pass...

Inspired by a line from the Epic Rap Battles (Romeo/Juliette Vs Bonie and Clyde) I tried to write about the feelings shared by Romeo and Juliette during their last moments. 

In Love with Love

I'm in love with this feeling,
This feeling that you only give
I can't help it, I can't fight it
I'm in love with loving you 

I'm in love with getting lost,
Getting lost in thoughts of you
I adore it, I want more of it 
I love losing myself for you 

I'm in love with wanting you 
Wanting every minute to be with you
You're my reason, you're my everything
I'm in love with every bit of you

Today, like every other day,
I'm in love with how I love you more
It's much stronger, only gets deeper
I'm in love with my darling you

I'm in love with love, I really am
This love you brought into my life
Never leave me, stay forever with me
I'm in love with loving you.

If I stopped Dreaming

If we were in a fantasy... would you hear my thoughts?
Would you look at me... and see the excitement that lies beyond my faint smile?
Would you know what I'm thinking... would you feel what I'm feeling?
If I whispered these words... would you hear every single one of them?

If we we were in a movie... would you let me be your Hero?
Would you run to me... when the dark skies start falling down? 
Would you embrace me... would you let me take your fear?
If I kissed your lips gently... would you let me take your pain?

If we were in heaven... would you share your joy with me?
Would you sing with me... and dance along to my every failing step?
Would you smile for me... would you play and lay in the fields with me? 
If I sang the notes... would you let them the wrap themselves around you?

If I stopped dreaming... would you be there as I open my eyes? 
would you let me see the beauty in you, that too long, you've hidden?
Would you tell me the words... that too long have gone unspoken?
If I laid out my heart... would our reality finally be sweeter than my dreams?

Asking for a Friend... hehehehe

A Chance

A chance to say, how much I MISS YOU,
Is a gift I really can use
To Hear your voice, and not just to wish you
so close, I can breath a part of you

To feel the lips that lie upon you
the taste and smell that they behold
Hear you call my name, like only you do
and kid your way into my soul

The chance to drool as you just do you
as you smile, as you walk right by
to lean back and say, God!!! you're beautiful
To edge a lil closer, to hold you tight


Hey ___________, how I MISS YOU
I just can't wait to see you again 
to say the words I need to tell you 
just come... I'm sick of the wait!

The Road less Travelled

I took the road less travelled
and boy!!! was that a flop
I took the road they said was feeble
and boy!!! how that was dull

I looked as I pressed forward
how dark and lone it seemed 
But still I thought I'd make a point 
what point? I just didn't pick

Still, I trod the road less travelled 
I fought to keep resolve
why take the roads that others followed
why care for sense and laws?


I took the road less travelled 
I see how that was wrong
though all I see is rubble
in shame I'll stay the course

My God! You're Beautiful

My God! you're beautiful! 
God must have said these words when he made you

A sight for sore eyes... 
nay!!! a sight for any eyes, I'll say was the plan for you

Your eyes so bright and true, your lips... 
don't get me started, oh they make me a fool

To behold the sight of you... 
is to be blessed, is something so truly beautiful


My God! just look at you! 
is what I think, everytime I'm blessed to steal a glance

the way you smile... 
Nay!!! the way a smile looks on you, drives me straight into a trance

Your voice so tender and true... 
Like a gentle chorus that causes even angels to dance

Just Let me behold your face... 
let me do just that... let me fall and stay in this sweet trance.


Sweet Lord! you're beautiful! 
how I don't say that, everytime I see you, beats me

the words that you say... 
Nay!!! your presence alone breathes life into my spirits 

Your thoughts so briliant and droll... 
just to listen to you speak, is all that I could need

For to behold the sight of you... 
the thought of you... all of you... is all I crave to feel.

Inspired by every beautiful woman out there... especially her!

Nothing I would change

If I looked for anything I'd love to change in you
I'd find nothing, there's nothing I would change, that's true 
Coz there's no one I would rather have but you 
No other who'd love me the way that you do 

If I chose, I'd choose no other woman but you
I'd find no one as perfect, as caring and as true
coz there's no one who'd get me as much as you do
no mummy as loving, as beautiful as you

Wrote this one for my mama bear on Mother's day. She's an amazing woman... the best


Here's the thing about what you know me to be
I was not meant to be read and deciphered, not me
For just as clear as you think that you can see
Is just as wrong and mistaken you just may be

I may be heartless, confusing or just longing to be known
A whole new chapter of a book or a tale yet to be told
You can't know for sure what I'm thinking, what I've stowed
I most certainly am not that person you think that you know

The things that I hide beneath my smirks and my smiles
How I wish you could see, they're the truths that I hide
The things that I'm brave enough to say, they're not lies
Even when they may be veiled by the jokes in my lines.

Yes, an open book, a simple few lines I may seem
In truth, even simpler, just a sentence defines me
so No, I certainly am not what you think me to be
I am only a few questions, a few answers, waiting to be spilled.

Here in Life

Leave me not, I plead 
to drown or miss my feet 
I pray my strain to breathe
in vain or waste not be

The sun on my face I crave 
the strength in my voice to praise
oh please don't let it drain 
the hope I'll live again 

oh sweet friend
take me, help me then
from this pain, I've felt it well
and stoics before me have bent

Lord of this world I'm afraid
that my scabies-ridden body will fade
come, to my aid I pray
so, here in life I can stay

And then I look at You

First, I thought I could just wish this crush away
I could gain all the time I lost thinking about your smile 
that I'll wake up one morning and you'd just gone away
not really away, but you know, you just got the fuck off my mind
I really do try, I try to not think of you when I wake
Then I look at you... and there I am, wondering why i even tried. 

Second, I kissed you and wished that day would never end 
neither would the next, not the next with you in my arms
I was sure there was nothing sweeter my ears could hear
surely not as sweet as your voice or the feel of your hands
You were mine, you were my very gorgeous ten 
and I looked at you... and knew I had all that I could want.

Third, i woke up and couldn't watch you wake up beside me
neither could I sit there and think, my God how does she look so hot
I was so sure, it's you I want to spend the rest of my life with
We'd make beautiful babies and embarrasing them will be our fun
Today I wake up and think to myself, just stop thinking about it
and then I look at you... well... and then, I just look at you.

The Hardest Part is Leaving You

You know that feeling when you're just happy
and you can't even tell why, because it doesn't matter?
You know when you smile like you have it all
and you fell like this day couldn't get any better?
well... that's the feeling I get when I see you
and I think... my God! nothing could feel any sweeter...

You know that feeling you get from the little things,
like the smile of a baby or the brush of a cool breeze...
that kinda feeling that takes control of every piece of you,
so much that you can hardly speak or feel anything at least...
they don't even come close to how I feel when I see you
and I think... my God! could I be any more pleased...


You know that feeling... that crazy amazing feeling you get,
from the gentle touch of he tender stroke of her gorgeous hair...
that silly, annoyingly geniune smile that creeps to your face,
from the soothing sound as your beautiful voice appears...
but the hardest part is leaving you, watching you walk away,
for all I'll have are my secret words and wishes till I see you again

Roses are Red... or are They?

Roses are red... violets are blue
this poem is silly... and so are you two
coz Romeo is dead... and Juliet is too
you both look flimsy... thinking love's true

Roses are dead... violets bring flu
you're both not pretty... you're full of shit too
coz love's not a gem... it's got you 2 fooled
I'll drink some good whiskey... and wait for your doom

Roses are red... blue's not that cool
you're just love birds flying... head first to your doom
So no! we don't care... you 2 get a room
we'll wait here evil smiling... for your heart to break in 2

I only wish I could see your face as you read this... 

Now You're All I Want

You walked into the light and made me think I was dreaming
your hair, your smile, your pretty eyes, I swear to God they were gleaming
You looked straight into my eyes and caught me as I was peeking
now you're all I want... and I know I don't want to stop dreaming. 

You walked with such finesse... you made me literally stop thinking
the way your body glowed, you moved just like a river flowing
I stole another peak, hell yeah! I did, for right then my heart was pounding 
now you're all I want... you're all my loving heart is craving.

You crushed my heart and soul... you did just by the way you were smiling
I've spent everyday since then... just wishing I was the one you are holding
even when I try to work... you're somehow right there before me giggling
and now you're all I want... I knew it from when you caught me peaking

Now you're all I want... you're all I need if I'll wake up smiling 
You're the air I need, you're the voice I hear everytime I'm waking
Now you're all I want... I swear I don't want to stop dreaming 
coz now you're all I want... and I'll be here till I'm all you're needing

Every piece of You

Everyone has a weakness... but I have two 
everything you say... and everything you do
Whenever I see you... I take a breath or two
cos Every time you smile... my dreams really come true

Everyone has a compass... but I have you
everything you say... and every where you look
Everytime I hear you... I stop to think it through
cos what will make you smile... is all I'm going to do.

Everyone has a memory... but I have two
every piece of you... and when I'm missing you
The last time I kissed you, I fell as deep as could
and if it'll win your heart, I'll do all that I should.

Every light has a bearing... but I have you
everything you know... and every piece of you
You're all I'll ever need, you'll be my one true boo
your lips, your eyes, your mind... and every piece of you.

One of those Days

Here's one of those days I cannot stop thinking about you
When it feels like my heart and my soul cannot live without you
My thoughts, my dreams my reveries are all about you
And I just can't do anything without talking or writing first to you.

Here's one of those days when those walls break up inside me
When my guard and those fences I've built fail to protect me
The thoughts and the feelings I thought I'd locked deep in me
Find their way up to dance, to strut and to take over all of me

Here's one of those days when your light shines so brightly
When your smile, your laugh and your words are so heavenly
The times that we spend and the things that we share, so lovely
And the doubts that you're all that I want flee ever so swiftly

A Flicker of Hope

You know how in the movies, 2 people look at each other from across the room,
and it feels like everyone and everything else in the world just disappeared...
The hum and the buzz just drowned, sounds faded away and there was just you two,
and the dancing stopped, the breezes rushed in and all you could do was just stare...
Then a flicker of hope, an unexplainable moment just takes hold of you

That's exactly how it felt from across our room looking at you as you sat there
Out of nowhere, you walked in, with your eyes so bright and your cheeks on point...
Your body, your smile, the way that you glowed, the sound of your voice, I swear
and your laugh, I heard you really laugh, and I think the sun shone just a little brighter
With a flicker of hope, an unfathomable feeling took hold of me

Every time you're standing next to me, the rest of the world just goes away,
more and more, I lose my mind, like those leaves blowing away with the winds
Even on those days when I ask myself questions whose answers I fear to say,
I can hardly think of anything else, I can hardly breathe, why should I breathe?
It's a flicker of hope, a taste of a feeling you first gave to me

Every time I cannot see you, bits of my heart reach out with every silly note I sing
I think of the start and I remember the magic you sparked when you walked in
Every time I cannot hold you, I close my eyes and I pretend there's just us two dancing
That nothing else exists, that the world was truly gone... that, that...
Still a Flicker of hope, still a feeling that I just can't describe.

Inspired by You

I know a place of Glory
A Place where no one’s Blue
I know a place where hope is true,
And all is bright with you.

I know a girl who’s pretty
A girl whose heart is true
I know a girl who sings my tunes
And runs my mind, that’s you

I know a day, it’s coming
A day when dreams come true,
I know a day when I go through
And share my pie with you.

I know a word I cherish,
A word which says I’m true
I know a word, I know I do
A word Inspired by you.

'Fore she hit the ground below

Twas the night 'fore she vanished, she was dressed in all pink...
I thought I was only dreaming, because her hair smelled all sweet...
The sky was filled with starlight, and all had had their fill...
Yet this broad was bright as lily, and her smile was soft as silk.

Twas a night just as others, as I downed a pint of ale...
She sobbed and gently paced, neath the carefully stacked hay...
Her eyes seemed weak and shaky, like she'd drunk a river of ale...
But my God she still looked great, like from amber she was made...

I gulped that one last drink, as I sought all ways to be bold...
Coz I thought her hand I must hold, if this night should be foretold...
She turned and looked at me, as towards her I then rolled...
Then I caught her like a rope... just 'fore she hit the ground below...

Inspired by the poem "The sexless Inn Keeper" from the sitcom "How I met your Mother (if u haven't watched it yet, u should).

Also Inspired by a girl I met at a wedding ;)


The clock seems to have stopped moving...
as I look from side to side.
Every one else is surely sleeping...
as it seems I just might cry.
Coz my brave heart is not even helping...
as all I think is, this is so not a ride.

The room is slowly fleeting...
my hands cannot stand the wait.
Now my heart is violently speeding...
is this just some evil bait?
Though my feet are softly tapping...
One thing's sure, I cannot sway.

I'm strong enough to keep going...
Even though my mind's not sure.
Im strong enough to keep believing...
I'll make it through, for that I'm sure.
Finally, it's me they're calling...

At long last, I swam accross.

Waiting can be a b**ch

She's all that Gets me Going!

Most days she is a blessing, she is all that gets me going,
Those days she lights up every room inside my life...
There are also times I wallow, when I feel there's no tomorrow,
when I know there's no more joy without her smile...

She's the first thought that I make, every morning when I wake,
she is all I long to see as I truck along...
She's the very thought I hold, every second as I go,
She's the last thing I think of when the day is gone...

Every little bit of passion, every single imperfection,
every piece is the stuff that makes my dreams...
There's a subtle breeze I feel, every moment that we kiss,
that can only mean she's all I'll ever need...

She's my Angel, she is gorgeous, she's my pretty shiny precious,
In my arms she'll lie until we see the dawn...
There we'll bask in silent glory, and I'll hum a soft symphony,
as I kiss her lips and turn to face the morn.

Love is not Patient, it's not Wise!

Love is patient, love is kind
love means slowly losing your mind...
love is trusting, something inside
Somehow makes e'er bullshit right...

You Wake up smiling and you don't know why
You lose time dreaming, even when you don't try...
But Love's not silly, it indeed is kind
What else can take we all on such a ride?

So we're casting all sense aside,
Hoping all wrongs will make a right???
Stupidly thinking, our mushy hearts,
Somehow magically turned sane and wise???

It's even crazier how much we strive,
How we struggle, how we keep the fight...
But then we know, it's all worth the ride,
oh no it's not! you're just now a bigger ass!

Disclaimer: These words do not reflect my view of love... as a Poet, I was just taking the topic for a fun ride. I think Love is a beautiful thing and is necessary for a Long Happy Life.

I want you to Say!

I find myself just starring at your pictures again
as if what I see when I close my eyes aren't the same
I still find me losing time just thinking about you
as if I've not lost enough ever since you came through

Everytime I think of your smile and how you call my name
I can't help but smile and do the same
Everytime my heart skips a beat,
there's not doubt in me its you it's seen

I'm not really sure how to feel about this
there's something in the way you make me feel
It makes me feel like I can't live without you
It takes me round the world in a blue

Now what can I do to make you see?
I've been thinking about you endlessly
Now what can I do to make you feel?
Its you I want to spend all my days with.

Right now, all that I can bring myself to say to you
All that I can say is, I want you to say!
All I can bring myself to want from you
I want you to say! I want you to say!

What makes a Man

It’s that thing he sees in your eyes the first time he looks into them
It’s that joy he feels in his heart each time he thinks of your smile
It’s that pain he feels in his soul each time he can't hold you near
Or... maybe it’s the fact that he just can't get you off his mind

What makes him give u all his heart can't be explained
What makes him think of you always can't even be understood
What makes him cry when he can't hold you, is buried deep within
What makes him hurt without u near, is that thing he sees in your eyes

It probably is because you smile so bright
It probably is because his heart hurts when he's not with you
It probably is because you speak so gently
It probably is because he feels like dying when you're far apart

Even after all this while, he still can't stop thinking about you
Even after trying to let it all go, he still finds himself back to the start
Even when he tells himself it’s alright
When he looks at you, all he wants is to give you all his heart

It held tight and didn't let go

My breath stopped, as cold sweat slid down my cheeks,
I watched with awe, as its slender body slithered across the floor,
Mouth wide open, I couldn’t utter any words, I couldn’t even scream,
In my drifting mind, it had held tight and wasn’t letting go.

The air around me turned cold as it aimed its gaze
Its cunning eyes fixed to mine presumably to drive me crazed
It glided away from me sluggishly like it wasn’t me it craved
Sadly I could see it holding tight, and definitely not letting go

Thoughts ran through my mind, as the darkness quickly closed in,
It circled me, taunting and preparing for the strike
My pulse trotted, it was so close, and quickly closing in,
I couldn’t help it, it was going to hold tight, and wouldn’t let go.

The perfect darkness in its eyes dreadfully drove me mad
Its scales glittered as smoothly as my throat was urging out
My heart dropped as it gently flicked its tongue through its fangs
With these I knew it would hold tight, and wouldn’t let go.

With the little strength I could muscle up, I prayed to the heavens
Like the very devil from the depths of hell, it urged forward
Curling around me like a rusted coil, it sank its fangs into my skin,
As I started fading away, it held tight and didn’t let go.

So Strange

So suddenly, so strange,
My darkness, runs off
So simply, so soon,
My prejudice, buzzed off,
So sweetly, so true,
My heart and soul was touched.
So suddenly, so strange,
My reward, was love.

So confident, so strong,
Her smile, lights my day,
So natural, so spiritual,
Thoughts of her fill my mind,
So lovely, so real,
She puts her hand on my face.
So magical, so hypnotic,
She lights up my world.

So soothing, so smooth,
I find a smile on my face.
So comforting, so pure,
She gently smiles back at me.
So taken, so blind,
I gently let her have it all.
So suddenly, so strange,
My greatest reward was love.


What’s that searing pain?
It sets my heart a-blazing
What’s that taunting sound?
It’s got me going crazy.
What’s that aching thought?
It’s got my brain a-quaking.
What in hell is that bothering look?
That’s got me self-destructing.

It’s the cry my heart’s a-screaming,
That’s got my eyes a-dripping.
It’s the words my ears are hearing,
That’s got me going crazy.
It’s the sights my eyes are gracing,
That’s got my heart a-wishing.
And it’s the thoughts my brain’s bearing,
That’s got me self-destructing.

Like a bunny in a trap,
My heart’s screaming prickly.
Like a bruised school kid,
My eyes are shedding quickly.
Like a rose in the thorns,
I am fading steadily,
And like a bad fairy tale,
I gradually am self-destructing.


I can swear it is love I see in her eyes,
My deep feelings cloud my every ounce of reason
Every time I look into her eyes, it feels like nothing else matters
I can swear all she thinks of is us
My thoughts always are of her completely
Every time I look at her smile, I feel the world is mine in an instant

In a flash, all my dreams quickly cue in
Out of my reveries, I realized she’s the air that I breath,
In a whoosh! I throw all else each time we meet.
Out of my fantasies, I realize she controls my every deeds
In a whip, she takes away my life’s compass
I can’t help it as she digs deep into my heart

Like a swing seat, she gives me joy,
Like the kid who falls, she gives me pain
Like a meadow, she gives my heart comfort,
Like the scorching sun, she withers my joy away.
Helplessly, she is taking over my soul
And it’s amazing, because I completely let her in.

I'd Rather Hurt

Being with you made my life miserable,
Especially the nights spent waiting up in worry for you,
The fights we had about nothing considerable,
Made me lose my mind, as I almost hit you,
Though I thought we, and hell were comparable,
I’d rather hurt than be without you.

The times you shook as I yelled out loud,
And the times I stopped as you cursed at me,
The times we couldn’t hear each other out,
As you’d fuss, and nag and try to leave me,
When I think about all those times we’d shout,
I realize, I’d rather hurt than be without you.

As I spend all day worrying about where you are,
My heart aches as the thoughts of you apart rage,
Even as I pace trying to fool myself; fine you are,
My mind fights the urge to cry out my pain,
As I try endlessly to reach your cell just to hear your voice,
It becomes clear to me, I’d rather hurt than be without you.

When I hold and kiss you at last,
My heart can’t help but skip a beat.
When I look at the evil lurking in your eyes alas,
I know we were not meant to be together.
As I think of leaving you for life,
That’s when I realize, I’d rather hurt, than be without you…

That's what I

Waking up early at dawn to watch the sun rise on your face
Kissing your cheeks as you gently wake up to light my day,
The times we spend every morn talking about nothing sometimes
The laughs we share as we gossip, giggle and we snuggle
And the never ending stares as we look deep into each other’s eyes
That’s what I’ll always miss about you.

Breakfast in bed, sometimes lasting till lunch,
Talking about our feelings, surprisingly not hard,
Listening to music, the blues tingling our senses,
Teasingly caressing, lovingly giggling and spooning,
Telling me you love me, as I look into your eyes,
All days spent thinking about you, oh! That’s what I miss.

As I call you from work, to tell you how much I miss you,
The times we spend on phone, sharing our dreams and wishes,
The hurt I feel when I can’t hold you close to me,
The soothing feeling I get when I hear your voice,
Kissing you goodnight before I fall asleep,
That’s what I always miss about you.

Inspired by Katie Melua's "What I miss about you"

In the Middle of Hell

I was in pains, like thousand ants pricking me,
Like falling from the tower of Babel,
Through a swarm of bees, unto a stream of swords.
Like being struck with the whip of death, yet I never died
I felt like a hopeless soldier,
Trapped in the middle of a bloody battle

It was bad, it was daft, I felt like an abandoned sac
Floating away in the lagoons
I was tearing into pieces
It was like I’d come to the end of my life
Wild animals and ghosts surrounded me like the tongue and the teeth
I felt like hanging and then stabbing myself.
Yet, nothing to use,Even the wood I was standing on couldn’t penetrate my wounds
I was in a blazing fire, trapped within vigorously hot flames
It was like I’d come to the end of my life,
I saw someone or rather something, laughing and shrieking,
It was like nothing I’d ever seen before
It said to me; “This is Hell” ha ha ha ha

As I was shrieking in the flames,
Someone called unto me, then his hand touched me
With the force running through me,
My thirst was quenched, my soul revived
He said if I let him in, he will never forsake me
He said his name was Jesus, his grace was overwhelming
And the halo around him was blinding,
As I knelt down before him, I felt a tap on my shoulder
Then I heard someone say “Get up Les it’s 6:00 O’clock
It was my mom,

That’s when I realized, It was all a dream…

Mirror on the Wall

My! the beauty bestowed on one alone to bear,
I’m talking about the finesse with which you look at me
Looking in your eyes, I see the most precious things in life
Starring at you, I see the sorrows and fears buried deep inside
I can tell all that no one else can even dream of,
I understand the things that you dare not say,
I can see it all, because I’m looking at the Mirror on the wall.

You say you’re an open book, but I can see the hidden lines.
You say you’re afraid of naught, but I can see the phobia that pries.
You say you’d rather give it all up, but I say you don’t mean that at all.
You say you’ve had enough, but I know you’ve not even started.
You think you could use a break, I say you could use some push.
You say it is over, but I know it’s just the beginning.
I know it all, because I’m looking at the Mirror on the wall.

I smell past your cologne to the fumes of man stink beneath,
I see past the make up to the scars of evil in your eyes,
Even beyond that coy smile, I see the vile smirk you strike
I hear the sinister whispers you speak to the dark of night
I touch that part of you no one even knows exists
I feel the sensations and emotions buried deep within
I know, I feel, I see, I hear because I’m looking at the Mirror on the wall.

You were Here by my Side

There isn't an hour that passes by, without the thought of you in my head
There isn't a wish that passes by, without your face in my mind...
There isn't a thought that lingers, without your name at the helm
Coz, There isn't a day I don't wish you were here by my side.

There'll never be a day, I don't remember how much you make me smile
There'll never be an hour, I don't wish I could get back to when we were one
There'll never be a minute, tears don't run down, as I think of your pretty face
Coz, There there'll never be a day, I don't wish you were here by my side.

Even as I stumble through life, with nothing but your memories,
There'll never be a time, I don't stop to think, what if you were mine.
Still my heart shall forever hurt till the day I know you're back
Coz, There isn't a day, I don't wish you were here by my side.

Late at night as I turn off the light to sleep,
I say a prayer and hope you could hear me cry this out.
Coz I know you must be out there somewhere hearing me say,
That, There isn't a day, I don't wish you were here by my side.

With the Beating of her Heart

She put him out, like the burning end of a midnight cigarette
She stole his purpose, like a thief at the heart of a jewel store
She shut his joy, like the kid on a fall from a swing seat
Then, she crushed his heart, like the nut at the base of a bobby's boot.

He made her cry, as she thought of the lovely days spent past.
She sang her plight, silently so no one could hear her cry.
She sank in liquor all night to wipe his memories off her mind.
Then, she cried to the winds, as they violently stripped her of her joy.

No amount of alcohol, not even the whole tavern could tame his heart
He rolled in filth, as her memories tormented him in his thoughts
He couldn't believe that she’d never ever loved him
He couldn't bear it; she still was fresh in his heart

The bottom of the bottle didn't even start to quench her pain
Though no one knew, she stuffed her head in shame and solitude
She found it hard to believe she did send him off
It was too much to bear; he grew ever stronger in her heart

He cried his love, as the people watched him level the final bottle
She blamed herself and wished she'd never let go
He put the gun to his scalp as cold tears ran down his cheek
She held the trigger firm at her heart where she could never stop loving him
He pulled the trigger and with his brains flew thoughts of her
Then, she pulled the trigger and smiled as thoughts of him stopped with the beating of her heart.

Something I've Got to Do

It’s like when the lights go off,
Suddenly, a bright room goes all pitch black.
It’s like when a brain meets a rock
All wit and wisdom cursorily flee
It’s like when a kid falls from a swing sweet
Sweet joy suddenly turns into sorrow

What do I do now with all these questions in my head?
Now that it seems even my pen is failing me.
What do I do with these thoughts in my mind?
Now that it seems I’m failing to separate right from wrong
It’s amazing how evil can seem so sweet.
It’s amazing how the wrong choices can prevail

I’m at war with myself and my heart
I’m losing my stand as a man
I’m trying hard to stick to the line
But the hurt’s too strong to resist.
I’m sorry if I hurt anyone, even myself
It’s just something I think I’ve got to do…

I Don't even have a Clue

Sometimes, you feel you've got it all under control,
Then you look into her eyes, and it feels like you're falling in love all over,
Sometimes, you feel you can just forget it ever happened,
Then you see her smile, and all you can do is wonder if she could be mine,
Sometimes, you feel like you've lost all that it takes to smile,
Then you look upon her face again, and see you're full of joy inside,

Sometimes, the things he does to make her happy,
Hurt and torment him bad, but he’s happy thinking she’s going to be fine,
Sometimes, he feels he’ll close his eyes and forget she ever was here,
But then he opens them, and there she is throwing a coy smile at him,
Sometimes he wishes he could yell it out how much she means to him
Then it all comes back to him, she doesn’t even care about that!!!

Sometimes I want to walk up to her and tell her that I love her,
Then I remember, that is the last thing she wants to hear,
Sometimes I sit back and reminisce of all the good times we shared,
But it just reminds me, that my love for her was built on lies and fears,
Sometimes I go back in my mind to savor the joy I felt,
But I remember, for one to be happy, another must be hurt,

Sometimes I try to see how far I’ve come,
Then I realize, I don’t even have a clue

Have you ever felt this Way?

Have you ever had one of those days it’s like you’re all alone?
ave you ever wished for just that one voice which you can’t hear?
Have you ever spent one of those days when you feel a hole in your heart?
You feel a vacancy but just don’t know how to fill it
Have you ever picked up your phone but had no one to call?
Have you had those moments it’s like there’s no love in the world?

The winds blow with evil but there’s no emotion in your heart
You feel neither hurt nor love for someone but yourself
You close your eyes to feel that moment of fantasy
Only to find the bleak darkness that lies beneath.
When you’re walking along lonely street with nothing but ruins.
It’s like your ship’s come to the end of its sail but you’re still standing.

Right now, I’m feeling all empty and daft inside
Right now, I’m wondering why the darkness is so annoyingly bleak
Right now, I’m confused about a lot of things
Does she ever even think about me?
Why did she even let me kiss her?
Does she really smile, when she’s smiling at me?
Does he really love her?
Am I really me?
One of these days, I think I’m going to break down and cry
One of these days, I’m going to shut the whole world out

Have you ever wished you could blot everything else out?
Have you ever thought of just going away leaving everything behind?
Have you ever felt like you’re not human and all empty inside?
Have you ever felt like stabbing yourself with a Dead man’s knife?
Sometimes in life we feel like our very existence is wrong
All you have to do is believe that it’ll all be fine
Go to bed and in the morning, you’ll wake up alright.

Alpha's Walk

As alpha steps unto the rock and roars
His thoughts are fogged by the safety of his flock.
As loud and prestigious his roars all sound,
Inside, he is just a servant seeking for a pound.

As the days run by, his poise and fame they swell,
The thoughts of merry for his flock not his, excels.
Even as his torso grows to a comforting bulge,
His heart flickers as he watches impending worries.

As alpha lays his head down at night,
He drowns in thoughts of the morrow’s activities.
When he should rest with the others from the fight,
He lies fighting the urge to think of his fancies.

At day’s end, though Alpha’s lost the most important thing in life,
He rejoices because his jungle’s sound
Even though alpha doesn’t get to frolic as he’d love to,
He’s had a touch of an invigorating life.

Murder by Dusk

Lo the night slowly comes again
As a young lad in his chamber prepares for a game
Danger and pain lurks in his brain
See him mutter, snort and pace

The darkness brings with it unbearable pain
Paul, tucked in his sheets, up to his brains, plagued
Clinging to consciousness his fingers strain
Till he lets go as darkness, the victory gains

Grabbing his neck he strives to prevent the spread
In a dull whip of vanquish, Carlos prays his life to spare
As the breath evades him, dusk in a gentle wave smirks
And with the spoils of the day, turns and home, heads

Shrieking, he hears the doors creak
Stanley, as his heart scurries screams
Consuming this fear, the shadow his life strips
And howls as Stanley’s cadaver staggeringly slips

Martial fights, the odds of duel his way to tilt
The strength and finesse he brings all fail
Darkness soars as its wits prevail
And enjoys its games as their last breaths, they exhale

Don't Take Her

You stand firm, rigid and poised like at aim
Your eyes pierce with a radiance that mine can never compare
Your body glitters like leaves glistening in the dawn of spring
You stride and glide like a walking Greek God
Your breath’s like the summer breeze
And your skin’s ivory like a king’s velvet
I could never compare to the ambiance you exude 
But I am begging of you please don’t take her just because you can

You could live all time with a choice of lasses,
But I am damned to love just one and one alone.
My happiness rests with her and all she does to my heart
I would be lost be not for the thoughts of her in me,
You could get another one just by the wits of your charm
But I don’t share in such marvellous ambiance
Your corpulence commands calm even to the beasts
But I am begging you please, don’t take my love

My!!! The way you pitifully scowl down at me
Still I had to have this talk with you
She’s all what makes me real in this life
Even though you could take her from me,
Please don’t take her just because you can
I can never stand to the splendour you convey
But I can love her like she was my all.
That’s why I am begging of you please
Don’t take her just because you can.

Let's Pretend That

Let’s pretend I don’t think about you always
Let’s pretend all my thoughts don’t revolve around you
Lets pretend I don’t feel like dying without you
I don’t feel like stabbing myself to ease my pain
Let’s pretend I don’t see you every time I close my eyes
And I don’t wish to hold you and tell you I love you.

Let’s pretend that I never loved you
That I never thought your eyes lit the fire in me
That I never tripped when I saw you walk by
Let’s pretend that I never thought you were my all
That I didn’t keep you in my wildest reveries
Let’s pretend you never knocked me off my feet.

Let’s pretend everything was a dream
I was lonely and didn’t meet someone like you
I was an empty room with no hope and bliss
That I lived on a block down Loneliness Street
Let’s pretend I rode my life on fantasies
Let’s pretend I never met the girl I’d always wanted

Let’s pretend I had a chance to make something real
I’d make you mine coz I could really use a wish right now.

In this life I was Loved by You

If I were to leave this world,
If I knew my wandering days are over,
If I shut my eyes and woke no more,
If my life flashed past my sight,
I will smile and thank the lord
Coz in this life, I was loved by you

If my world stopped turning,
If my sun stopped burning,
If my heart stopped racing
And my lungs stopped breathing,
My mouth won’t stop singing
Coz in this life, I was loved by you.

I rise up every morning with joy.
I wad all sorrows as you strike my thoughts
I sing loud as my heart races
I smile in obedience to your charm
I can’t help but think and shout out loud
Coz in this life, I was loved by you.

I don't know (Life Without You)

My heart aches as I try to think,
The pain sears even as I try to blink,
The world around me closes up and sinks,
My heart breaks and my lungs crick,
My breath flees and my very existence grieves.
As you walk out and break our links,
I can’t help but think; how long I can last,
Coz life without you, “I don’t know.”

I thrive when I look into your eyes,
I feel your halo whenever it shines,
I ask myself if you are truly mine,
I love to say you are my safest place to hide,
And all you are makes my life.
You complete and make me whole
Life without you here with me, “I don’t know"

I hold unto you close,
And try to provide all you could pose,
I strive to keep you close
So I can feel your love as it grows
I try not to lose you
Because life without you, “I don’t know”

Miss You Nights

Letting you go just made me see
How much of you I'm made
Coz you've left me to fill
A vacuum and lots of pain

I see my world in your eyes
And all I can think of is you
When I go to sleep at night,
All my dreams revolve around you

I feel like I made a mistake
I feel like I will lose it all
I feel I want you over again
I feel I want you more and more

I know not what I really want
But I know I still love you
Coz these "Miss You Nights"
“Are the longest.”


As the moon creeps to the back of the clouds,
Darkness suddenly slides o’er the earth.
I squint, as I hover proud,
And as I gaze o’er pitiful earth.

Though human life’s barely abound,
 Shadows scurry to the streets’ rear.
The streets hum as I gaze and frown,
And the winds suck all traces of merry.

As darkness pries into the dawn of day,
The damned howl as they cunningly emerge
Waltzing with the swagger accompanying reign,
They hunt with stoicism before they diverge

Soon and sadly, the moon’s gone!!!
Earth bows to the mercy of the damned
The black of night is born, the time of man is o’er
And the era of the damned is dawned
 “Shhhh!!! Twilight”


Ahora tu te vas Ahora me lloro
Solo por la soledad
Ahora estoy sola
Solo por la soledad
Ahora estoy perdido
Solo porque no escuches mí

Estoy sola en este cielo
Ahora te lo ruego
Sabes bien que no puedo vivo solo
Ahora no se que decirte
Por favor, no me dejes
Ahora todos yo se es la verdad
Ahora tú me desarmes con tus palabras.

Ahora yo se como es estar muriendo
Porque no se dónde es mi amor
Ahora estoy en una guerra con mi corazón.
Porque tu me dejes?
Porque no me escuches?
Porque no se mueven?

Quiero solo un futuro de felicidad juntos
Te quiero porque te amo por seguro
Te quiero en todo que yo hacia
Quiero alzar con tu amor
Porque tienes mi amor
Pero, ahora, tú siempre me desarmes

Happy Birthday

Hear the bells ding, clang and chime
See the candles rekindle and light
Watch the sun rise and shine
The bottles fill with wine
And people wind and dine
Just to wish you a happy birthday

Birds inspire the day with chirping
One and all join in singing
Feel the air, hum in merry
Hear the wind, buzz in glory
Feel the air, shake to the beats
And funfair, spread into bits
All just to wish you a happy birthday

Even the fairies join the tune
Angels blow their flutes
And glory fills the room
I write to you from my heart
Wishing you success and God’s might
Blessings and many years to come

Happy birthday to you dear friend

Golden Woman

Sweet fragrances hum as they circle round her pores
Moving like a cat, exhibiting such a corpulence
Her fur glitters like velvet on a king’s throne
Golden rays flash out of her eyes like bronze
Blocking my meek soul from breathe
She smiles with a stunning radiance
And takes my breathe away
Her subtle lips sparkle and spell “Golden”
She rocks my world as she sways her hips
Waltzing through the crowd with the swagger of a queen
When she looks at me and smiles,
I forget how to smile and all I do is smirk
She turns even my foulest snarl into a smile
She makes me sing a joyful song, even in fire
She throws a striking gaze and emits life sucking rays
She thrills the world because she’s so golden

She prances her golden body through the sun
Like Cleopatra and her mighty stun
She’s an epitome of beauty’s greatest works
Her voice is like bird tweets
Chirps and whistles driving you into the wildest reveries
Then, she sings a delivery tune
That soars you into the skies
Glides you on the furthest clouds
And lays you in the sweetest of meadows
All these she does with her golden might
Because she’s a golden woman.

A Rebirth

A new world full of joy
Where all things seem like on a shore
Glory and pleasure fill lasting love
Just like getting up, on a beautiful morn.
A New world, the Lost World’s dusk
A beautiful world, a lovely scenario
A united world, strong as a trio
An exquisite world, a rekindled patio

Void of slavery, but love and peace
Governments and Administrations, bribery and corruption free
Strikes and sabotage, washed off clean
And bullets and grenades never seen
A Rebirth, such a beautiful scene
A new world, a glorious up rise
The birds sing, for the glorious sunrise
The new world, the radiance it hides shines.
A new world, shines the new light

Beautiful skies and clouds shaped like a discuss
People living in hope and focus
Excess to live for, just like the locusts
Living in faith and believing in the obvious
A new world, a rebirth with everyone unity conscious.

Lost World

Ouch! Ah! People scream
Help me! Somebody help! They even weep
Gunshots fire and grenades sweep
A Lost World, what a stiff
Wars and hatred plaque the land
People enslaved and trashed like cans
And murders and massacres a part of life
A Lost World, such a drift

Resources wasted in fights
Lives, lost for pride
Potentials lose track
And a lost world loses its might
A Lost World faded in light
Hatred reigns in natives’ brains
Jealousy flows and takes the day
People’s breathe, a consuming grave
Running through brains, thoughts of rape
Screams of lasses, crying for grace
A Lost World, in lots of pains

Slave trade and slavery, through Government and administration
Government plagued by bribery and corruption
Strikes and sabotage in everyone’s intentions
Misery and pains, even discrimination
A Lost World, drunk in dissolutions
Jealousy coupled with envy
Life filled with hunger and misery
Just living, becomes so scary
No one to turn to in pleading
A Lost World in such a dreadful scene

Bleeding Heart

It feels like a silver red hot stake
Poking straight into mi heart
Aye, tis the pains of the bleeding heart
Each drop of blood wasted as it pours
Makes me think of nothing but “El Isla de Muerto”
The Isla filled with pain and “Los Muertos”
I hurts that I was brought here by mi love
I am in a bloody combat with me own feelings
Lost in a world of mi own anguish

I don’t know what I’m doing in this place
My heart’s blood keeps dripping with passing time
I keep wishing this wound will heal
I try to savvy why I’m here
I know not why mi world is falling apart
Why me? Why in this world?
Mi heart is like a  pool of blood
Twas once a pool of love
Tis now a “Bleeding Heart”

It feels like hell

It feels like hell
Watching you fall into the pangs of “blazes”
You know can give you what you dreamt of
Solitude will grab my heart
If you slip away from me
Loneliness won’t care for you like I will
I’m the one who adores you

My heart ponders and thirsts for you love;
A love you don’t have to ask for
Only you don’t seem to see it.
My world is tearing apart
Because your love is turning from me
But it is going no where
I long to make you see, you belong with me
It’s with me you’ll ride along
Because loneliness won’t make you
The queen you want to be.


All day long, I sit starring into the skies
Starring like a meteorologist; at nothing sometimes
At night, I look up at the stars, in the skies
They twinkle and drop meteor tears for my eyes
Our bright stars, once stuck together like ice
Try to run apart as the sky yells out and cries
Tears run down my cheeks, and I sigh
I cry inside of me I cry silently, I cry solemnly

Another day, without your smile, it just passes by
My heart is filled with love, pain, anguish and misery
Even when you say nothing in life,
I hear you say a million times you love me
I keep wishing I could hold you close again like my mind
And forget about pains coming back to hunt me

I keep wishing I could kiss you again
I keep wishing I could hold you again
You could lean on my chest and let me hold you again
I wish I could see that look of love on your face
I still can’t believe you left our place.
Why’d you leave me baby?

Feeling the Feeling

It’s so sweet, how it feels
Like the sun’s rays hitting a dark alley
My heart swings like the wings of a bird
Sprouting from its nest on its premier soar
I feel like I’m in the fields, in the summer sun
My heart beats like a silly symphony
Sweet fragrances cloud up my world
So that I know I’m feeling something

When I feel all wavy inside
I feel like a world with no pity
When the joy in the world is in me
I know it’s just that same feeling.
When I sit starring at the stars at night
All I can think about is you smiling
When I pick up my pen to write
And all I can spell is your name,
I know I’m feeling that same feeling

When I close my eyes and see only your face
I want to spend my days
Sharing only your grace
When I count the days I have left to see you
And hope they wind up along fast
I know it’s that same feeling
That gets me feeling to give in to the feeling.

He Lives in You

When life seems dark and dreary,
The way askew and weary
The world drunk in fury,
And your imminent future all shakily
All you think you can do is cry
Burst out into tears shattering your eyes
Force out the pain in you with fright
Thinking you’ll get time to step into the light.

Traveling through a wrecking world
Like a soldier in a wrecking ship
The night seems long,
The pains rush in like a stream
All you do feels all wrong
And misery is all you see
Sailing in a raging storm,
And waiting release into the drowning sea
There’s always someone moving along,
Holding unto you strong
Because he lives in you.

When things suddenly turn cold,
And your heart so sticky
All evil unfolds,
And your life grabs it quickly
You feel you’ve been forgotten,
But there’s that one person who always is there
Because he lives in you.

When all friends forsake you,
all you had left in ruins
Danger and desperation plague you
All nightmares come true
He’s always there to guide you, Lead, comfort and revive you
Till all you’ve lost is restored in full,
He’s with you all the way through
Because he lives in you


Life, joy and magnificence
A rose from its bud sprouting
Light and flawless beauty
A flower from the soil shooting
Warmth and glorious sunshine
The sun ever shinning
Then comes the dusk with golden radiance
To crown it all with merry

Streams clear as diamonds
With grandeur ever flowing
Life, with difficult lifestyles
Keep it ever funky
Springs, and dews of the morn
Give its moist and juices
And ever reigning guidance
From the Prince of Glory

Sweetness from heavenly realms
And ever milky jolly
Smiling mounts and noisy fortresses
Filled with life and praises
None with recarsitrant people
To make a place worth living.

At Night

I never want to stop; I always want to have more
Even thought it’s not real, I feel like keeping it still
When I go out of range, I don’t even act strange
Feeling there are no pains, I jump right into drains
But still I feel alive, just when I dream at night

I know I’m like a child at shore
Mounting sands castles as I tour
Hoping I’ll find my way, to be with you all of my days
Even though it’s a dream, it all feels so real
That’s why I only feel alive
When I dream at night

I fly from grandeur to grandeur
I feel myself shrink in pleasure
I scream and my eyes roll back
With atmosphere filled with euphoria
I feel like eating up my sheets
Because I only feel alive
When I dream at night

As I am getting lost in emotions,
I get up and see the dawn
In rage, I sit there doing naught
And awaiting the dusk
Because I only feel alive
When I dream at night

I Can't Wait

Can’t wait to hold you close
Can’t wait to kiss you like it’s our first.
Lonely days pass by without your gorgeous smile
Hours run by without a sound of your tweeting voice
I feel all draughty without my humming bird
Like a big part of my life is missing
All I think of is your beautiful smile
To look into your beautiful eyes and smile
I feel like I’m going to die each time I think of you
I feel like I can’t go on any longer

I can’t wait to look into your eyes again
And feel how much love burns inside of you.
I can’t wait to you how much I love you.
To touch you, whisper in your ear and make you giggle
I can’t wait to hold your hands and fingers
To put my jaws in your palms and close my eyes
To let you “take me out” and rule my world.

I can’t wait for us to be together again
So I can open up my heart and let if flow
I can’t wait to feel you in my arms.
I can’t wait to leave this pain of solitude
Every smile I make just disguises the pain within
I drop lonely tears while starring at the skies at night
Wishing you were right beside me.
It keeps killing me because you’re not here
That’s why I can’t wait to see you again

I'll Be Right Here

When all seems vague
Your life seems like a plague
Your very existence is all fake
And all you do is archaic
I’ll be right here with you
All because I live in you.

When you look around and there is no one
You turn to lean on someone and loose your stance
Your heart aches and you throw a wet glance   
You stop to think but you fall down and cry.
You’ll know I’ll be right here with you
Just coz I live in you.

When your tears are dry from crying,
Your heart tired of sighing
And you finally stop sizing
What you’d thought of becoming
You’ll know I’ll be right there with you
Because I live in you

As the pain finally leaves
And you feel your heart again at ease
You know you’ve finally found the peace
You’ve always longed in life to feel.
You’ll feel me in you
All coz I live right in you.