Trainer, Speaker

Trainer, Speaker

In 2012, I sat in a room and witnessed the TRANSFORMAION of a young girl... Nina who was one of the shy types... who would normally not even be able to introduce herself to a meeting of 10 of her peers suddenly became one of the people fighting to talk in the same meeting with even more people thanks to the JCI Presenter and JCI Trainer training workshop we both attended.

It wasn't magic.. it wasn't hypnosis... but it certainly was magical. I instantly fell in love with Training and decided to become the best Trainer I could become.

since then, I Design, organise and deliver training programs, workshops, seminars, etc in topics including Business Development, Customer service, Social Responsibility, Branding, just to name a few.

I have also spoken at conferences, seminars and many different events.

I host the Black Swagger Poetry Slam on the last Sunday of every Month.