Writer, Adventurer, fly on the wall

I love every form of creative writing, I think of it as an escape, a way for me to put out things for which I can't seem to find a voice for.

I write poems, articles, stories as a way to share my emotions, my opinions about issues and sometimes just because I am inspired by something.

I write on almost every topic including business and entrepreneurship, leadership, work, emotions, life, the environment and much more.

I like observing - like a fly on the wall - and sometimes when I care enough, I write about the things I observe... when I don't care enough, I just get a good laugh out of it and smh.

as far back as I can remember being able to write, I would always look for the opportunity to write something creative - a few lines, a short story, a poem, something I was feeling (yes I wasn't always the macho hombre you know today).

a huge boost came in when I was 12 and was one of the winners of the International young writers poetry competition organised by the British organisation "Young Writers". My poem "Nature" was published in Volume 4 of "Poetry in Motion, Across the Miles" and sadly I still haven't been able to track down a copy of that book for myself.