A Flicker of Hope

You know how in the movies, 2 people look at each other from across the room,
and it feels like everyone and everything else in the world just disappeared...
The hum and the buzz just drowned, sounds faded away and there was just you two,
and the dancing stopped, the breezes rushed in and all you could do was just stare...
Then a flicker of hope, an unexplainable moment just takes hold of you

That's exactly how it felt from across our room looking at you as you sat there
Out of nowhere, you walked in, with your eyes so bright and your cheeks on point...
Your body, your smile, the way that you glowed, the sound of your voice, I swear
and your laugh, I heard you really laugh, and I think the sun shone just a little brighter
With a flicker of hope, an unfathomable feeling took hold of me

Every time you're standing next to me, the rest of the world just goes away,
more and more, I lose my mind, like those leaves blowing away with the winds
Even on those days when I ask myself questions whose answers I fear to say,
I can hardly think of anything else, I can hardly breathe, why should I breathe?
It's a flicker of hope, a taste of a feeling you first gave to me

Every time I cannot see you, bits of my heart reach out with every silly note I sing
I think of the start and I remember the magic you sparked when you walked in
Every time I cannot hold you, I close my eyes and I pretend there's just us two dancing
That nothing else exists, that the world was truly gone... that, that...
Still a Flicker of hope, still a feeling that I just can't describe.