A Poem for YOU

I thought about writing a poem for you... 

but then would you even read it?

do you even see the odes and the cries

that I scribe on the daily on my wall

like it's just a simple meaningless lyric...

Pretending it's not my heart I'm baring for the world to see 


I thought about writing a song for you 

but like every other time it'd probably just go to waste

it'd probably just sit there in your inbox 

yearning to be read... yearning to be heard

those light blue ticks constantly reminding me

You're not good enough


Fuck it! I'm going to write a poem for you

but this time, I won't share it with you... 

or maybe I will... 

Maybe this time around you'll smile if you read it

this time I won't hold back about how I feel

and even those blue ticks won't make me regret it


I thought about writing a poem for you 

So you can see the things I so badly need to say 

How I'd rather spend a second loving you 

than spend a lifetime without the chance to have you by my side 

How I think about you every second of every day 

and how you're everything I think I'll ever need.