A Rebirth

A new world full of joy
Where all things seem like on a shore
Glory and pleasure fill lasting love
Just like getting up, on a beautiful morn.
A New world, the Lost World’s dusk
A beautiful world, a lovely scenario
A united world, strong as a trio
An exquisite world, a rekindled patio

Void of slavery, but love and peace
Governments and Administrations, bribery and corruption free
Strikes and sabotage, washed off clean
And bullets and grenades never seen
A Rebirth, such a beautiful scene
A new world, a glorious up rise
The birds sing, for the glorious sunrise
The new world, the radiance it hides shines.
A new world, shines the new light

Beautiful skies and clouds shaped like a discuss
People living in hope and focus
Excess to live for, just like the locusts
Living in faith and believing in the obvious
A new world, a rebirth with everyone unity conscious.