I can swear it is love I see in her eyes,
My deep feelings cloud my every ounce of reason
Every time I look into her eyes, it feels like nothing else matters
I can swear all she thinks of is us
My thoughts always are of her completely
Every time I look at her smile, I feel the world is mine in an instant

In a flash, all my dreams quickly cue in
Out of my reveries, I realized she’s the air that I breath,
In a whoosh! I throw all else each time we meet.
Out of my fantasies, I realize she controls my every deeds
In a whip, she takes away my life’s compass
I can’t help it as she digs deep into my heart

Like a swing seat, she gives me joy,
Like the kid who falls, she gives me pain
Like a meadow, she gives my heart comfort,
Like the scorching sun, she withers my joy away.
Helplessly, she is taking over my soul
And it’s amazing, because I completely let her in.