Another Minute Pass

A moment's break from your gaze, 
is an eternity past
A simple step you take away, 
is a searing pain that starts
A tear or frown upon your face, 
cuts like a dagger sharp and fast I'd rather die with you, 
than see another minute pass...

A life without you here with me, 
that's a thought that shall not last 
to live and breathe when you're not with me, 
neither the gods can that allow
your face, your gaze, oh! how they leave me, 
there's no life if that I lack
...that's why I'll quickly stab my heart, 
than watch another minute pass... 

look at your face, you drift away, 
this is a fate I can't survive
to think your smile, I won't see again, 
to think that one, so beautiful, was the last
This moment's break from your sweet embrace, 
shows me more, I dare not have
...thus with a kiss, I'll take my life, 
than see another minute pass...

Inspired by a line from the Epic Rap Battles (Romeo/Juliette Vs Bonie and Clyde) I tried to write about the feelings shared by Romeo and Juliette during their last moments.