Bleeding Heart

It feels like a silver red hot stake
Poking straight into mi heart
Aye, tis the pains of the bleeding heart
Each drop of blood wasted as it pours
Makes me think of nothing but “El Isla de Muerto”
The Isla filled with pain and “Los Muertos”
I hurts that I was brought here by mi love
I am in a bloody combat with me own feelings
Lost in a world of mi own anguish

I don’t know what I’m doing in this place
My heart’s blood keeps dripping with passing time
I keep wishing this wound will heal
I try to savvy why I’m here
I know not why mi world is falling apart
Why me? Why in this world?
Mi heart is like a  pool of blood
Twas once a pool of love
Tis now a “Bleeding Heart”