Don't Take Her

You stand firm, rigid and poised like at aim
Your eyes pierce with a radiance that mine can never compare
Your body glitters like leaves glistening in the dawn of spring
You stride and glide like a walking Greek God
Your breath’s like the summer breeze
And your skin’s ivory like a king’s velvet
I could never compare to the ambiance you exude 
But I am begging of you please don’t take her just because you can

You could live all time with a choice of lasses,
But I am damned to love just one and one alone.
My happiness rests with her and all she does to my heart
I would be lost be not for the thoughts of her in me,
You could get another one just by the wits of your charm
But I don’t share in such marvellous ambiance
Your corpulence commands calm even to the beasts
But I am begging you please, don’t take my love

My!!! The way you pitifully scowl down at me
Still I had to have this talk with you
She’s all what makes me real in this life
Even though you could take her from me,
Please don’t take her just because you can
I can never stand to the splendour you convey
But I can love her like she was my all.
That’s why I am begging of you please
Don’t take her just because you can.