Every piece of You

Everyone has a weakness... but I have two 
everything you say... and everything you do
Whenever I see you... I take a breath or two
cos Every time you smile... my dreams really come true

Everyone has a compass... but I have you
everything you say... and every where you look
Everytime I hear you... I stop to think it through
cos what will make you smile... is all I'm going to do.

Everyone has a memory... but I have two
every piece of you... and when I'm missing you
The last time I kissed you, I fell as deep as could
and if it'll win your heart, I'll do all that I should.

Every light has a bearing... but I have you
everything you know... and every piece of you
You're all I'll ever need, you'll be my one true boo
your lips, your eyes, your mind... and every piece of you.