Feeling the Feeling

It’s so sweet, how it feels
Like the sun’s rays hitting a dark alley
My heart swings like the wings of a bird
Sprouting from its nest on its premier soar
I feel like I’m in the fields, in the summer sun
My heart beats like a silly symphony
Sweet fragrances cloud up my world
So that I know I’m feeling something

When I feel all wavy inside
I feel like a world with no pity
When the joy in the world is in me
I know it’s just that same feeling.
When I sit starring at the stars at night
All I can think about is you smiling
When I pick up my pen to write
And all I can spell is your name,
I know I’m feeling that same feeling

When I close my eyes and see only your face
I want to spend my days
Sharing only your grace
When I count the days I have left to see you
And hope they wind up along fast
I know it’s that same feeling
That gets me feeling to give in to the feeling.