Golden Woman

Sweet fragrances hum as they circle round her pores
Moving like a cat, exhibiting such a corpulence
Her fur glitters like velvet on a king’s throne
Golden rays flash out of her eyes like bronze
Blocking my meek soul from breathe
She smiles with a stunning radiance
And takes my breathe away
Her subtle lips sparkle and spell “Golden”
She rocks my world as she sways her hips
Waltzing through the crowd with the swagger of a queen
When she looks at me and smiles,
I forget how to smile and all I do is smirk
She turns even my foulest snarl into a smile
She makes me sing a joyful song, even in fire
She throws a striking gaze and emits life sucking rays
She thrills the world because she’s so golden

She prances her golden body through the sun
Like Cleopatra and her mighty stun
She’s an epitome of beauty’s greatest works
Her voice is like bird tweets
Chirps and whistles driving you into the wildest reveries
Then, she sings a delivery tune
That soars you into the skies
Glides you on the furthest clouds
And lays you in the sweetest of meadows
All these she does with her golden might
Because she’s a golden woman.