He Lives in You

When life seems dark and dreary,
The way askew and weary
The world drunk in fury,
And your imminent future all shakily
All you think you can do is cry
Burst out into tears shattering your eyes
Force out the pain in you with fright
Thinking you’ll get time to step into the light.

Traveling through a wrecking world
Like a soldier in a wrecking ship
The night seems long,
The pains rush in like a stream
All you do feels all wrong
And misery is all you see
Sailing in a raging storm,
And waiting release into the drowning sea
There’s always someone moving along,
Holding unto you strong
Because he lives in you.

When things suddenly turn cold,
And your heart so sticky
All evil unfolds,
And your life grabs it quickly
You feel you’ve been forgotten,
But there’s that one person who always is there
Because he lives in you.

When all friends forsake you,
all you had left in ruins
Danger and desperation plague you
All nightmares come true
He’s always there to guide you, Lead, comfort and revive you
Till all you’ve lost is restored in full,
He’s with you all the way through
Because he lives in you