Here with Me

I don't want to call my friends,

They might wake me from this dream 

I just want to lay here on my side 

and watch you do what you do best, Look so beautiful


I don't want to go outside, 

I may just be stepping out of this dream

I just want to kiss your lips 

and rest my head on your gentle bosom


I don't want to say a word, 

They may give meaning to what I'm feeling right now

I just want to melt in the peace

and this joy that your voice and smile inspire.


I don't want to sleep, I don't want to think

I don't want to laugh, I don't want to stand 

I can't think, I don't ever want to breathe 

If you're not lying here with me

Well just like the first 2 lines... this was inspired by Dido's Here with me