I'd Rather Hurt

Being with you made my life miserable,
Especially the nights spent waiting up in worry for you,
The fights we had about nothing considerable,
Made me lose my mind, as I almost hit you,
Though I thought we, and hell were comparable,
I’d rather hurt than be without you.

The times you shook as I yelled out loud,
And the times I stopped as you cursed at me,
The times we couldn’t hear each other out,
As you’d fuss, and nag and try to leave me,
When I think about all those times we’d shout,
I realize, I’d rather hurt than be without you.

As I spend all day worrying about where you are,
My heart aches as the thoughts of you apart rage,
Even as I pace trying to fool myself; fine you are,
My mind fights the urge to cry out my pain,
As I try endlessly to reach your cell just to hear your voice,
It becomes clear to me, I’d rather hurt than be without you.

When I hold and kiss you at last,
My heart can’t help but skip a beat.
When I look at the evil lurking in your eyes alas,
I know we were not meant to be together.
As I think of leaving you for life,
That’s when I realize, I’d rather hurt, than be without you…