I Don't even have a Clue

Sometimes, you feel you've got it all under control,
Then you look into her eyes, and it feels like you're falling in love all over,
Sometimes, you feel you can just forget it ever happened,
Then you see her smile, and all you can do is wonder if she could be mine,
Sometimes, you feel like you've lost all that it takes to smile,
Then you look upon her face again, and see you're full of joy inside,

Sometimes, the things he does to make her happy,
Hurt and torment him bad, but he’s happy thinking she’s going to be fine,
Sometimes, he feels he’ll close his eyes and forget she ever was here,
But then he opens them, and there she is throwing a coy smile at him,
Sometimes he wishes he could yell it out how much she means to him
Then it all comes back to him, she doesn’t even care about that!!!

Sometimes I want to walk up to her and tell her that I love her,
Then I remember, that is the last thing she wants to hear,
Sometimes I sit back and reminisce of all the good times we shared,
But it just reminds me, that my love for her was built on lies and fears,
Sometimes I go back in my mind to savor the joy I felt,
But I remember, for one to be happy, another must be hurt,

Sometimes I try to see how far I’ve come,
Then I realize, I don’t even have a clue