I don't know (Life Without You)

My heart aches as I try to think,
The pain sears even as I try to blink,
The world around me closes up and sinks,
My heart breaks and my lungs crick,
My breath flees and my very existence grieves.
As you walk out and break our links,
I can’t help but think; how long I can last,
Coz life without you, “I don’t know.”

I thrive when I look into your eyes,
I feel your halo whenever it shines,
I ask myself if you are truly mine,
I love to say you are my safest place to hide,
And all you are makes my life.
You complete and make me whole
Life without you here with me, “I don’t know"

I hold unto you close,
And try to provide all you could pose,
I strive to keep you close
So I can feel your love as it grows
I try not to lose you
Because life without you, “I don’t know”