Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

I want the World for you

I just want you to... no, I just really need you to be happy.
To wake up and see the sunrise in the horizon with a gentle breeze on ur face.
To hear the birds chirp and sing or watch the waves gently hit the shore
wrapped in the arms of, or holding the one you love more than anything in the world.
I just want the world for you.

I want you to dance to your favourite song in the rain
...and dry off in a warm embrace as you laugh at how silly that may have been
and not care, because you know, deep down, you are truly, inexplicably happy
I want you to smile every time you close your eyes and laugh when you open them
because you have the whole world with you.

I want to be able to watch you burst into those craziest cackles
The ones you get when you lose control and can't give 2 fucks about what anyone thinks
those I hope only I get to see or hear coz she only shows up for me
I want you to feel everything your skin needs to feel... the touch, the kiss the warmth
I just want the world for you.

"To want the world for someone." This poem in inspired from that line from Sam Smith & Ed Sheeran's "who we love". A very simple but powerful phrase. Wanting the world for someone... even if that world is not with you.