In the Middle of Hell

I was in pains, like thousand ants pricking me,
Like falling from the tower of Babel,
Through a swarm of bees, unto a stream of swords.
Like being struck with the whip of death, yet I never died
I felt like a hopeless soldier,
Trapped in the middle of a bloody battle

It was bad, it was daft, I felt like an abandoned sac
Floating away in the lagoons
I was tearing into pieces
It was like I’d come to the end of my life
Wild animals and ghosts surrounded me like the tongue and the teeth
I felt like hanging and then stabbing myself.
Yet, nothing to use,Even the wood I was standing on couldn’t penetrate my wounds
I was in a blazing fire, trapped within vigorously hot flames
It was like I’d come to the end of my life,
I saw someone or rather something, laughing and shrieking,
It was like nothing I’d ever seen before
It said to me; “This is Hell” ha ha ha ha

As I was shrieking in the flames,
Someone called unto me, then his hand touched me
With the force running through me,
My thirst was quenched, my soul revived
He said if I let him in, he will never forsake me
He said his name was Jesus, his grace was overwhelming
And the halo around him was blinding,
As I knelt down before him, I felt a tap on my shoulder
Then I heard someone say “Get up Les it’s 6:00 O’clock
It was my mom,

That’s when I realized, It was all a dream…