It's Right There

The Times have been weary, 
The times have been hard 
and as we look into the future,
they don't even seem past
Yet, with tears in our eyes
and hope in our Hearts 
We'll toil till it's morning
with our hands on the plough

Battered and badly Bruised
The hours may be daft
and everywhere arond us
may seem deserted and vast
Yet, with passion and drive,
for what lies in our path 
We'll fight and we'll push
Like the stoics that we are

Our Star has grown dim,
Our light has run far
the strength we were built on 
seems lost in its tracks
But, with grit and with wit 
with that thing that makes us us
That future we dreamed of...
It's right there in our grasp

I wrote this for everyone going through any form of sh****t in their lives. Those of us in Conflict Regions, those fighting rejection, disappointment, etc... 

I hope you get to say this ever day and remind yourself that that...
That future we dreamed of... It's right there in our grasp