It held tight and didn't let go

My breath stopped, as cold sweat slid down my cheeks,
I watched with awe, as its slender body slithered across the floor,
Mouth wide open, I couldn’t utter any words, I couldn’t even scream,
In my drifting mind, it had held tight and wasn’t letting go.

The air around me turned cold as it aimed its gaze
Its cunning eyes fixed to mine presumably to drive me crazed
It glided away from me sluggishly like it wasn’t me it craved
Sadly I could see it holding tight, and definitely not letting go

Thoughts ran through my mind, as the darkness quickly closed in,
It circled me, taunting and preparing for the strike
My pulse trotted, it was so close, and quickly closing in,
I couldn’t help it, it was going to hold tight, and wouldn’t let go.

The perfect darkness in its eyes dreadfully drove me mad
Its scales glittered as smoothly as my throat was urging out
My heart dropped as it gently flicked its tongue through its fangs
With these I knew it would hold tight, and wouldn’t let go.

With the little strength I could muscle up, I prayed to the heavens
Like the very devil from the depths of hell, it urged forward
Curling around me like a rusted coil, it sank its fangs into my skin,
As I started fading away, it held tight and didn’t let go.