Let's Pretend That

Let’s pretend I don’t think about you always
Let’s pretend all my thoughts don’t revolve around you
Lets pretend I don’t feel like dying without you
I don’t feel like stabbing myself to ease my pain
Let’s pretend I don’t see you every time I close my eyes
And I don’t wish to hold you and tell you I love you.

Let’s pretend that I never loved you
That I never thought your eyes lit the fire in me
That I never tripped when I saw you walk by
Let’s pretend that I never thought you were my all
That I didn’t keep you in my wildest reveries
Let’s pretend you never knocked me off my feet.

Let’s pretend everything was a dream
I was lonely and didn’t meet someone like you
I was an empty room with no hope and bliss
That I lived on a block down Loneliness Street
Let’s pretend I rode my life on fantasies
Let’s pretend I never met the girl I’d always wanted

Let’s pretend I had a chance to make something real
I’d make you mine coz I could really use a wish right now.