Lost World

Ouch! Ah! People scream
Help me! Somebody help! They even weep
Gunshots fire and grenades sweep
A Lost World, what a stiff
Wars and hatred plaque the land
People enslaved and trashed like cans
And murders and massacres a part of life
A Lost World, such a drift

Resources wasted in fights
Lives, lost for pride
Potentials lose track
And a lost world loses its might
A Lost World faded in light
Hatred reigns in natives’ brains
Jealousy flows and takes the day
People’s breathe, a consuming grave
Running through brains, thoughts of rape
Screams of lasses, crying for grace
A Lost World, in lots of pains

Slave trade and slavery, through Government and administration
Government plagued by bribery and corruption
Strikes and sabotage in everyone’s intentions
Misery and pains, even discrimination
A Lost World, drunk in dissolutions
Jealousy coupled with envy
Life filled with hunger and misery
Just living, becomes so scary
No one to turn to in pleading
A Lost World in such a dreadful scene