Love is not Patient, it's not Wise!

Love is patient, love is kind
love means slowly losing your mind...
love is trusting, something inside
Somehow makes e'er bullshit right...

You Wake up smiling and you don't know why
You lose time dreaming, even when you don't try...
But Love's not silly, it indeed is kind
What else can take we all on such a ride?

So we're casting all sense aside,
Hoping all wrongs will make a right???
Stupidly thinking, our mushy hearts,
Somehow magically turned sane and wise???

It's even crazier how much we strive,
How we struggle, how we keep the fight...
But then we know, it's all worth the ride,
oh no it's not! you're just now a bigger ass!

Disclaimer: These words do not reflect my view of love... as a Poet, I was just taking the topic for a fun ride. I think Love is a beautiful thing and is necessary for a Long Happy Life.