Murder by Dusk

Lo the night slowly comes again
As a young lad in his chamber prepares for a game
Danger and pain lurks in his brain
See him mutter, snort and pace

The darkness brings with it unbearable pain
Paul, tucked in his sheets, up to his brains, plagued
Clinging to consciousness his fingers strain
Till he lets go as darkness, the victory gains

Grabbing his neck he strives to prevent the spread
In a dull whip of vanquish, Carlos prays his life to spare
As the breath evades him, dusk in a gentle wave smirks
And with the spoils of the day, turns and home, heads

Shrieking, he hears the doors creak
Stanley, as his heart scurries screams
Consuming this fear, the shadow his life strips
And howls as Stanley’s cadaver staggeringly slips

Martial fights, the odds of duel his way to tilt
The strength and finesse he brings all fail
Darkness soars as its wits prevail
And enjoys its games as their last breaths, they exhale