One day she will be there

One day she will stop being a distant pleasure

the kind that you only get to feel when you close your eyes at night

Or when you're lost in thoughts as the day cruelly passes you by 

one day she'll actually look into your eyes and smile back at you


One day you'll be sat at your window looking at the glistening stars 

and not wondering if she's thinking about you too, because this time

She'll be sat right there with you, Her hair smelling like a waterfall

her head resting on your chest as you gaze into the night sky together


One day those butterflies will feel like they're choking you

coz you won't be able to snap out of that fantasy

You will stand there and say "My God! you're beautiful" 

Only this time, it won't just be in your mind day she will be there

Inspired by Atabe's #be_the_custodian_of_your_thoughts #love #soulsearching #pictureoftheday #thechroniclesoftex #happyweekend