What’s that searing pain?
It sets my heart a-blazing
What’s that taunting sound?
It’s got me going crazy.
What’s that aching thought?
It’s got my brain a-quaking.
What in hell is that bothering look?
That’s got me self-destructing.

It’s the cry my heart’s a-screaming,
That’s got my eyes a-dripping.
It’s the words my ears are hearing,
That’s got me going crazy.
It’s the sights my eyes are gracing,
That’s got my heart a-wishing.
And it’s the thoughts my brain’s bearing,
That’s got me self-destructing.

Like a bunny in a trap,
My heart’s screaming prickly.
Like a bruised school kid,
My eyes are shedding quickly.
Like a rose in the thorns,
I am fading steadily,
And like a bad fairy tale,
I gradually am self-destructing.