Something I've Got to Do

It’s like when the lights go off,
Suddenly, a bright room goes all pitch black.
It’s like when a brain meets a rock
All wit and wisdom cursorily flee
It’s like when a kid falls from a swing sweet
Sweet joy suddenly turns into sorrow

What do I do now with all these questions in my head?
Now that it seems even my pen is failing me.
What do I do with these thoughts in my mind?
Now that it seems I’m failing to separate right from wrong
It’s amazing how evil can seem so sweet.
It’s amazing how the wrong choices can prevail

I’m at war with myself and my heart
I’m losing my stand as a man
I’m trying hard to stick to the line
But the hurt’s too strong to resist.
I’m sorry if I hurt anyone, even myself
It’s just something I think I’ve got to do…