All day long, I sit starring into the skies
Starring like a meteorologist; at nothing sometimes
At night, I look up at the stars, in the skies
They twinkle and drop meteor tears for my eyes
Our bright stars, once stuck together like ice
Try to run apart as the sky yells out and cries
Tears run down my cheeks, and I sigh
I cry inside of me I cry silently, I cry solemnly

Another day, without your smile, it just passes by
My heart is filled with love, pain, anguish and misery
Even when you say nothing in life,
I hear you say a million times you love me
I keep wishing I could hold you close again like my mind
And forget about pains coming back to hunt me

I keep wishing I could kiss you again
I keep wishing I could hold you again
You could lean on my chest and let me hold you again
I wish I could see that look of love on your face
I still can’t believe you left our place.
Why’d you leave me baby?