Then she leaned towards me, 
and the whole world came to a stop
Her eyes glistened, 
as so deeply, they looked in mine
I held my breath, 
No! my heart and breath came to a stop
As she gently slid over me, 
with a look I can never forget

Her lips were soft and brittle, 
as they brushed on me so gently
At least I think they were, 
as my breath was still not with me
I swallowed the knot in my neck, 
as her hands brushed up my shirt...
It was hard to believe that it was here, 
this moment I'd wished for all this long...


I fought to catch my breath, 
for I'd lost control of me 
She looked at me and smiled, 
Oh God!!! Please take me now
I tried to smile right back, 
as I rose my head towards her face
But the beauty in her eyes, 
had now arrested all of me

woke up this morning around 4am with a terrible case of the "runs" and while sitting right there on the "iron throne"... a thought crossed my mind... and like clockwork... and with my phone in my hand (coz u supposed to have it with you... duh!)... I whipped up Google Keep and started writing.  

Few Minutes after... stunned