That's what I

Waking up early at dawn to watch the sun rise on your face
Kissing your cheeks as you gently wake up to light my day,
The times we spend every morn talking about nothing sometimes
The laughs we share as we gossip, giggle and we snuggle
And the never ending stares as we look deep into each other’s eyes
That’s what I’ll always miss about you.

Breakfast in bed, sometimes lasting till lunch,
Talking about our feelings, surprisingly not hard,
Listening to music, the blues tingling our senses,
Teasingly caressing, lovingly giggling and spooning,
Telling me you love me, as I look into your eyes,
All days spent thinking about you, oh! That’s what I miss.

As I call you from work, to tell you how much I miss you,
The times we spend on phone, sharing our dreams and wishes,
The hurt I feel when I can’t hold you close to me,
The soothing feeling I get when I hear your voice,
Kissing you goodnight before I fall asleep,
That’s what I always miss about you.

Inspired by Katie Melua's "What I miss about you"