To give myself Completely

I woke up today with a smile on my face 

The type that could only be brought about by you 

I woke up feeling strong enough to brave every storm

That the world is my oyster because I am loved by you

That you are my world.


I've seen your face in every single one of my dreams 

I've called your name in every one of my prayers 

I've laid beside you in every one of my hopes

I've held your hand in every plan that I have made

I have prayed for YOU


I spent my first hours of today just staring at you

and when I stopped, I spent the next thinking about you

Wondering what I did to be so blessed with your love

Telling myself that I'll forever be by your side


So, take my heart, take all that I am

I bare my soul for you only

I give myself to you completely, for as long as you will have me

I woke up today with a smile on my face

The type that I pray will never leave me.

Today's Darling T's wedding day... and all she asked as gift from me is a Poem.

So I decided to write this poem I've been putting off for so long...