What makes a Man

It’s that thing he sees in your eyes the first time he looks into them
It’s that joy he feels in his heart each time he thinks of your smile
It’s that pain he feels in his soul each time he can't hold you near
Or... maybe it’s the fact that he just can't get you off his mind

What makes him give u all his heart can't be explained
What makes him think of you always can't even be understood
What makes him cry when he can't hold you, is buried deep within
What makes him hurt without u near, is that thing he sees in your eyes

It probably is because you smile so bright
It probably is because his heart hurts when he's not with you
It probably is because you speak so gently
It probably is because he feels like dying when you're far apart

Even after all this while, he still can't stop thinking about you
Even after trying to let it all go, he still finds himself back to the start
Even when he tells himself it’s alright
When he looks at you, all he wants is to give you all his heart