Wish You Were Here

If I told you everytime I missed you,
I'd get the chance to tell you nothing else.
If I told u everytime I think about you,
I'd blow up your phone with silly SMS
If I told you everytime I need to see you,
I'd write a song that starts and never ends
If I told you how much I really care about you
I'd fill this thread every single chance I get...

If I wrote every word that I need to,
I'd write ten books... and just for a start
Ten more to say how much I miss you
...and Ten to say I wish u were here
A few odes and songs to say you're beautiful
...a few rhymes just to share my heart
If I dared to write all about you...
I'd use up all the words there are...

Every night I stare through my window
I wonder, I wish you are doing that too...
Coz I can feel, I can hear, I can smell you
In the cold soothing breeze on my face
Then I sing every note that I know for you
...and pray the winds blow them right into your ear
Tell you how much I'm thinking about you
...and Tell you that I wish you were here

So I'm sitting here waiting on my bus and thought I shld add a few stanzas to this lil piece I wrote for someone...