With the Beating of her Heart

She put him out, like the burning end of a midnight cigarette
She stole his purpose, like a thief at the heart of a jewel store
She shut his joy, like the kid on a fall from a swing seat
Then, she crushed his heart, like the nut at the base of a bobby's boot.

He made her cry, as she thought of the lovely days spent past.
She sang her plight, silently so no one could hear her cry.
She sank in liquor all night to wipe his memories off her mind.
Then, she cried to the winds, as they violently stripped her of her joy.

No amount of alcohol, not even the whole tavern could tame his heart
He rolled in filth, as her memories tormented him in his thoughts
He couldn't believe that she’d never ever loved him
He couldn't bear it; she still was fresh in his heart

The bottom of the bottle didn't even start to quench her pain
Though no one knew, she stuffed her head in shame and solitude
She found it hard to believe she did send him off
It was too much to bear; he grew ever stronger in her heart

He cried his love, as the people watched him level the final bottle
She blamed herself and wished she'd never let go
He put the gun to his scalp as cold tears ran down his cheek
She held the trigger firm at her heart where she could never stop loving him
He pulled the trigger and with his brains flew thoughts of her
Then, she pulled the trigger and smiled as thoughts of him stopped with the beating of her heart.